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I had a good day off yesterday. I went to lunch with Cassie and Rachel at the Everett Red Robin (which is where we usually go!). It’s always so much fun to spend time with friends! We were laughing because we all ordered something different….we used to literally all order the same thing. I actually got the Whiskey River Chicken Burger, which I’d never had before. I really liked it.

Anyways, after lunch I had the whole day to myself. I went to Half Price Books and then headed down to the U Village (a shopping center by the University of Washington). I wanted to go to H&M (my favorite store every). I was a little depressed though…shopping isn’t really in the budget and they had SO many cute things. That always seems to happen! Perhaps I should just avoid going into stores, unless I can spend money! I did buy some socks (I never seem to have enough) and a pair of earrings. My entire purchase was less than ten dollars.

I got some Starbucks at seriously the biggest Starbucks I’ve ever been in. It was huge! I headed over to Barnes and Noble (probably another store I should avoid, if I’m not going to spend money!) and looked at books for awhile. I went over to Noah’s bagels (which is at QFC in the U Village) and got a few bagels for David and I. We used to get them quite frequently when we went to Zoka all the time.

I headed to downtown Seattle, because I was going to try and park and walk around down there. Traffic was crazy, so I decided not to deal with it. Seattle drivers are crazy, but they seemed to be EXTRA crazy yesterday. I headed to Northgate instead, and went to Ross and to Target. I found some really cute dresses at Ross that I would like to go back and get, but we will see.

I picked David up at his work at 8:00 (which is why I was down in Seattle killing time in the first place!) and we headed home. It was a nice day. It was fun to just randomly go wherever I wanted.

Let me just say, the weather was BEAUTIFUL yesterday. It was so hot! Unusual for March weather in the Pacific Northwest. Right now? It’s POURING down rain. We definitely have slightly bi-polar weather here….especially in the springtime. In the summer, we hardly get any rain at all, and it’s sunny everyday. I know tv and movies would have you believe otherwise, but it really doesn’t rain ALL the time. It really is my favorite city.

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David got the job!!!!! He found out yesterday, so that made it an excellent day. I really was pretty sure that he was going to be offered the job (and so was he), but it was so good to find out for sure! I am SO happy for him, and SO proud of him. He starts monday. It’s pretty much his dream job and I think he’s really going to enjoy working there. He already can tell that he’s going to get along great with the guys that work there and he really believes in the product they are making. He’s getting paid exactly what he asked for AND he gets to work in Seattle, which is what he wanted. Because of that, we’re probably going to be moving down there soon….which I am VERY excited about. His brother lives down there and we’re thinking we’re probably going to move into his building….it’s a great price, a great location, and it’s basically brand new. I’m thinking that will probably happen in a month or two. Believe it or not, my commute would actually be better coming from Seattle….the buses run more frequently and if I decide to drive, I would be going in the opposite direction of traffic. Now I just have to start saving up for a couch. 🙂 I already know exactly which one I want.

I had an excellent “weekend”. David’s interview was Tuesday morning, so when he got back we went to the library and hung out there for awhile, with our Starbucks. After that, he took me out to Fred’s in downtown Snohomish. It’s one of our favorite places to go and they have excellent hamburgers. Yesterday he found out that he got the job, so we went out to Mexican food to celebrate. We rented a few movies and then played pool with his friend Brandon….well, I watched them play pool. 🙂 We went home and watched “Law Abiding Citizen”, and I fell asleep. I really had a nice relaxing weekend with my guy. It was pretty much perfect.

Today he brought me down to Lynnwood, so I wouldn’t have to take the bus (he’s so sweet!). We had some sushi for lunch, I got some new shoes (yay!) and then he dropped me off he work. He’s off playing pool and will pick me up around eight, when I’m done working. I always LOVE it when I don’t have to ride the bus! Work is pretty slow, so I figured I would blog.

At this very moment it is sunny, cloudless, and relatively warm in the Seattle area. It’s more than a little strange for February….especially since it seems that the rest of the country is buried in snow! It seriously feels (and smells!) like spring. I’m not compalaining, it’s just a little weird!

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I would like to say that I love my job. I, however, hate the bus. I don’t mind taking the bus in general, but I do wish it ran a little more regularly. I guess we just need to move to Seattle. Believe it or not, my commute would be 10 times better. I feel really blessed that I found a job I like so much. It’s a great atmosphere, the people I work with are awesome, and I really enjoy being there. I also have plenty of time to run errands if I need to….Target and the Mall are right across the street. I usually get down there about a half an hour early, and then I have time to go over to the mall and get coffee.

We had a fun night last night (well, since it’s after midnight, it was technically two nights ago….Martin Luther King Jr. Day). We hung out with Mike and Amy….two of David’s friends. He’s been friends with them for years. We actually all went to high school together. I had met Mike before. I’m glad that David has cool friends….I tell him that quite frequently, but it’s true! I mean, imagine if I despised his friends! That wouldn’t be very fun for anyone! We went down to Mountlake Terrace and played some pool. I say “we”, because I actually DID play! In fact, it was one of my best games ever. AND David and I won! We all had a lot of fun. I took a picture of David, Amy, and Mike before we left.

And one of all four of us. A drunk guy volunteered to take our picture and we didn’t think he was going to stop. It was rather humorous. Interesting people at the bar, that’s all I’ll say!

You can’t tell, but that shirt I’m wearing is really cute AND I got it for $9.08 off the clearance rack at Target the other day. I love finding bargains.

This has nothing to do with anything, but I got some Sweethearts candies tonight. I have loved that candy since I was little. Well, they changed it! It tastes totally different, and I’m a little upset about it. Not only are the flavors different, but the colors are different too! The yellow is no longer banana (it was my favorite), it’s lemon now. I’m not happy.

I’m still debating where I should have my birthday dinner with my friends. Come to find out, I’m probably going to have to work until 8:00 that night, so who knows what will end up happening. Luckily I work right across the street from the restaurant we are most likely going to be going to. I’m 95% sure that I want to go to Claim Jumpers….SO yummy! I will probably need to send David to put our name in, otherwise we’ll have to wait forever. He could probably hang out in that Starbucks that’s right there. That’s a good idea actually! That’s how I’ll sell him on the idea. 🙂

I feel like this post was all over the place! Oh well….some days are just like that.

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January is an amazing month. Why, you ask? Well, it is my birthday month! I often wished growing up, that my birthday was a little further past Christmas. It’s hard sometimes to come up with a wishlist so close to Christmas! Just for fun, I thought I would come up with a wishlist. In all reality, I probably won’t get most of these things (some of them are pricey), but it’s still fun!

1. No list would be complete without my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. I would be perfectly content with the basic white one. I saw one tonight at Sears for $179 (they are normally $199). I would love this green apple one or, like I said, the basic white one.

2. I am in desperate need of a new digital camera. I’ve had the same one for a couple years now and it wasn’t expensive to begin with. I found a Sony Cybershot at Target for $120. I know that’s not super expensive for a camera, but it’s way nicer than the one I have now.

3. I SOOOO want a Google My Touch phone. I’m not usually into the latest cell phones, but for some reason I really want this particular one. David has the G1….the My Touch is very similar, it’s just more like the iPhone and is so cute! Unfortunately they are about $400. They’re only $150 if you sign up for a new contract….the problem is we already HAVE a contract with T-Mobile. The whole cell phone industry doesn’t make sense to me….cell phone companies should give their existing customers breaks on new phone prices (and not just every year or two, when they become eligible for a new phone). It seems like people would buy new phones more often. Anyways, I would like the white one.

4. Now that I am working again, I am dressing up on a much more regular basis (which I kind of like, by the way). I have a couple pairs of dress pants from Old Navy that I really like, but I’ve had them for probably three years. It would definitely be fun to get some new ones. I LOVE the dress pants at Express the very best….I love their jeans too. The Editor’s are my favorite. I had a pair a couple years ago and they got stolen. Luckily they always sell this style, so I don’t have to worry about them not having them anymore. I was also really excited to see that they have jeans in the Editor style….they are SO cute. They are more like trousers, so they look a little dressier. I just may be spending my birthday money at Express (like last year!).

5. I would love the 6th season of One Tree Hill. I am fully aware that that makes me sound pretty pitiful. I don’t really watch it on tv, but I’ve been watching it on DVD lately and I found that I really enjoy it.

6. I need a new copy of The Holiday….mine is lost. Since it’s one of my favorite movies EVER, this is a little disastrous for me.

7. I would really like some new cookbooks. I want to learn to cook and become more domestic (I’m actually quite domestic, but cooking is definitely where I’m weakest) and I think having fun cookbooks would help. I would love the Pioneer Woman cookbook (I read her blog) and a basic cookbook. I saw a vintage Betty Crocker cookbook at Barnes and Noble the other day. It’s an exact replica of how the very first one looked….it was so cute and I think it would be fun to have. I also saw some fun cookie cookbooks, at Barnes and Noble as well. We all know how much I love to bake, so that would be fun.

8. I would love a gym membership. I’m trying to convince David that this is, in fact, a necessity. I once belonged to a gym and went every single day of the week, except for Sunday. I’m not exaggerating…I LOVED it. I would love to join LA Fitness again. They had some great classes too.

So there ya have it….a little wishlist of sorts. I still can’t believe I’m going to be TWENTY-SEVEN!!!! Yikes…..

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2010 So Far

So, it’s 2010! That sounds so weird to me. What’s really scary is that in one more year, David and I will have our 10 year high school reunion. I’m trying not to think about that….I can’t believe it has been that long since we left ‘ol LSHS behind. 2010 is the year my youngest sister will be graduating from high school, which is also weird….really weird actually.

David and I rung in the New Year at his friend Brandon’s house. It’s about two minutes down the road, so it was nice to not have to go far….especially since we are working on being really frugal these days! We played games there and had a great time. I was very excitied….I got my first New Year’s kiss EVER! It sounds like a little thing, but to me it wasn’t. It was sweet. Don’t worry, we didn’t get carried away. I can’t stand it when couples overdo it on the PDA. We are plenty lovey-dovey in private….and except for the occasional quick kiss or hand holding….that’s generally where we keep it.

I had such a good New Year’s with David….it was exactly how I pictured it. We had a really nice talk and he was very sweet. I am very blessed to have him in my life at the start of 2010.

Last saturday night we went to Kingston for some karaoke. David’s friend Joe was in town from Texas, with his girlfriend, so we had to make sure we made it over there for karaoke while he was here. I always love the ferry rides, of course. It was pretty cold though so we stayed inside the cabin this time. We had crepes which is always a treat, and then we headed to karaoke! I didn’t sing anything…I couldn’t decide what to sing. We were all kind of annoyed. The guy running the karaoke that night wasn’t going in order, so he was letting the same people sing more than one song in a row….and kept skipping over Joe. We all got really annoyed. Normally Joe and David sing a lot more than they did. The guy that does it on Friday nights, goes more in order….which I think is more fair. It was kind of like a popularity contest. I did snap one pic of David and Joe singing.

And here is one of me and David….aren’t we just so cute? 🙂

So that is the quick rundown of the highpoints of 2010, so far. Otherwise, it’s been a pretty mellow five days.

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I bought new boots with the money my dad gave me for Christmas. I really needed some warmer shoes….especially since I will be riding the bus all the time. I always wear flats (with no socks), but it’s just too cold to do that. I found some really cute boots at Kohl’s for 50% off! I was pretty excited. I’m not always the biggest fan of Kohl’s clothes, but I usually like their shoes and accessories. I saved $25 and only spent $27! David’s little sister spent some of her Christmas money and she bought a ton of stuff and saved $75! Basically, the bottom line is: go to Kohl’s! They’re having awesome sales!

The next day, I went shopping with my relatives, and got an awesome shirt for David at Ross, for only $11. I had seen it the night before, I knew he had to have it. I also found a purse at Kohl’s that I asked for, for my birthday. It is seriously the cutest thing ever…..and I hope I get it! Lol.

I worked for a little while tonight, and afterwards David and I went to Half Price Books, so I could spend my gift card from Christmas. I got five books, and still have about $10 left! I got Love Walked In, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and a book that David picked out. They were having a big sale, in which everything in the store was (I believe) 40% off. I think I’ll get another Jodi Picoult book with the remainder (they didn’t have any that I don’t already have).

After that we met David’s parents at the movie theater and watched Sherlock Holmes. It was actually a really good movie….I would totally recommend it!

I’m looking forward to New Years now! It’s so hard to believe that 2009 is almost over! I’m definitely ready for 2010!

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Christmas was awesome this year….busy….but awesome. I’ve never had a boyfriend at Christmas time before, so it was definitely different for me. Me and David were laughing because we each got THREE stockings this year!

Christmas Eve was spent at my Grandma’s house. David and I picked up my youngest sister (Kelsey), and headed for my Grandma’s around 5:00. We celebrated with my Grandma and her husband, my great aunt and uncle, and my dad, his new wife, and her daughter. This was the first time we celebrated Christmas with my dad in a few years, so it was kind of a big deal. I didn’t know what to expect ahead of time, but I thought it actually went really well. I enjoyed myself. My dad seemed to be his normal self, there were no awkward conversations, and everyone acted totally fine. My dad really appreciated us being there and I am so glad we went. He gave Lindsey and I $40 cash (he sent Lindsey’s home with me, since she didn’t come), and Kelsey got a new guitar amp (she was really excited). We all had a really good time.

We were awakened Christmas morning, by David’s little sister knocking on the door. She’s only 11, so needless to say, she was very excited to open her presents. We opened stockings and presents with David’s family. I got a $30 gift card to Half Price Books…..which I was VERY excited about. David loved his presents from me–I got him two DVDs–Public Enemies and Inglorious Basterds.

A couple hours later, we headed to my family’s house to celebrate Christmas morning with THEM. I had to wake my whole family up, because they were still sleeping when we got there.

Presents and stockings all ready on Christmas morning.

I got a REALLY cute coat (I couldn’t find a picture of it) from Macy’s.

You can't really tell what it looks like, but I was excited!

I got three new pairs of earrings (which I desperately needed), two from my mom and one from Lindsey. Kelsey got me the Julie and Julia dvd. I got a new book, and lots of other things. David was thrilled with his, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia dvds (Seasons 1 and 2).

My sisters happily opening presents.

Kels was VERY excited about her new record.

Me and David on Christmas morning (we were tired! Lol.)

After all the unwrapping, we ate Cinnamon Rolls and headed back to David’s house.

We took a really long nap (it was heavenly!), and then spent the rest of the day watching movies and reading. It was a nice relaxing end to the day.

I got to see my aunt and uncle and cousins on the 26th. They got into town from Idaho on Christmas evening. I went over to play Bingo and to visit with them….I hadn’t seen them since July! It is never dull with them around! That’s for sure.

Uncle Danny, Cousin Jordan, and Grandma Johnson.

My youngest cousin Elijah (he's QUITE the character!) and my sister Kelsey

Danny and Jordan intently playing Bingo

Elijah and Aunt Denise playing Bingo.

"Chips in the air!" (You had to be there.....)

Kelsy, Danny, and Jordan randomly dancing to "Golddigger" (Believe it or not, my uncle is a pastor! Lol.)

Me and Kelsey (my youngest sister)

Elijah and me!

My only complaints are that it was all over so soon….and I wish I had taken more pictures than I did.

Now, I am looking forward to New Years! 🙂

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