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Easter Time!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays…second only to Christmas, of course. If you know me at all, you know of my love for Christmas. 🙂 I thought, until the Friday before Easter, that I was going to have to work. I was thrilled to discover that the store was going to be closed for the holiday. Since I started working here (back in December), I haven’t had a Sunday off, so it was really nice for a change. Both of my parents invited me to spend Easter with them. I can’t remember who asked first. We went over to my mom’s. She lives five minutes away, whereas my dad lives a couple hours away, practically in Canada. My mom won, simply because she’s closer. Hopefully my dad wasn’t offended.

Anyway, David and I headed over to my family’s house around 1:30. My mom STILL gets ALL of us Easter baskets. I must say, there seemed to be a lot more than usual this year.

She got baskets for my grandparents this year, as well as one for David, one for Gary (my little sister’s boyfriend), and one for my cousin Mikayla (whose family is in Spain). The basket on the far left (with the “Up” dvd in it), is the basket my sister Lindsey and I collaberated on for my mom. I also picked up some flowers as well.

For lunch we had roast and potatoes. It’s not my favorite meal, but it seems to be a favorite of everyone else. Here is the table before dinner.

In case it needs clarification, my mom is sort of into holidays. I’m PRETTY sure that’s where I get it from.

It wouldn’t be a holiday without pictures (also something I get from my family). I like this one of my me, my sisters, and my mom. I didn’t get the memo that I was supposed to wear black and white, however!

I LOVE this picture of me and David.

We’re so cute! This was our second Easter together….crazy!

We were sitting in the living room, talking and we just had to laugh at Lindsey. For some (odd) reason, she always picks up this vase from the table and holds it while she talks. What makes this vase special, is a mystery to us. I had to take a picture of it, because this wasn’t the first time she did this.

For some reason, my sister Kelsey had the sudden urge to watch “The Lion King”. She was forced to turn it off, eventually….

My sisters love their Disney movies, that’s for sure! MY personal favorite is “Beauty and the Beast.”


During dinner we got to talking about Kelsey learning to drive, and David so graciously offered to take her. Sooooo….after dinner me and him and Kelsey and her boyfriend, piled into his car and headed off for the high school parking lot. Fun fact: the high school parking lot was the site of MY first drive.

Gary is really tall and wouldn’t fit in David’s back seat, so we stood outside and watched Kelsey drive. Kelsey did really well!

Now she REALLY can’t wait to start driving. It was fun to be able to be there! On a total sidenote, this is just an example of one of the sweet things David does for people. He always amazes my family with his selflessness. He’s relatively quiet (like me!) at family gatherings. He’s one of those people who doesn’t feel the need to constantly be talking. It’s not that he’s insecure or doesn’t have anything to say, that’s just the way he is. We’re actually a lot alike that way. They were so touched that he did something so sweet. One thing about David is that if he has the means or ability to help someone out….he WILL do it without any hesitation. It meant a lot to my family, that’s for sure. It just goes to show, that it’s the little things that mean the most to people!

When we got back to the house, they all decided to play “Taboo”. I HATE playing games. I am aware that this probably makes me weird and un-American, but I just really don’t enjoy them. It got pretty heated, that’s for sure! I think the look on Lindsey’s face in this picture, pretty much says it all!

Too funny!

David was able to get some work done, which he enjoyed. How he got anything done, with all that noise, I have no idea.

He’s so cute! 🙂

Anyways, it was a very nice relaxing day. I got a lot of complements on my outfit….mostly on my jeans….which happen to be new. David bought me some Express jeans for our anniversary, which I was VERY excited about. Express has my favorite jeans (well, my favorite PANTS, in general), but I don’t buy them very often. To me, they’re really expensive. I realize that, for a lot of people, $60 or $70 isn’t a lot for jeans, but for me it is! (The other jeans I wear all the time were $19.99 at Target, to give you an example.) I’ve had my eye on these jeans for awhile. They’re the Editor pants in jeans. The “Editors” are my favorite dress pants EVER, and they have them in JEANS. They are REALLY dark and are dressier than most jeans….which I really happen to like. They’re perfect for me. Express was having a 40% off sale on all their jeans, so they were only $45 with tax. Needless to say, I was thrilled. I think they’re phasing them out, because I couldn’t find them online.

I love bargains. 🙂

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I’ve been in a “mood” the past few days….I’ll admit it. I’ve been feeling down and discouraged, and that nothing I do really “matters”. A lot of this is due to the fact that I am hormonal. I want to feel like I’m working towards something….and I am. In a couple short months, I will be back in school working toward a degree in a field that I am REALLY excited about. I have a job that, while not challenging, gives me consistent part time, flexible hours that are allowing me to be able to go to school in the first place. I have an amazing boyfriend who puts up with me when I’m going through the aforementioned “moods”, and loves me anyway. I have good friends and a family who loves me. Soon I will be moving to Seattle….which has been my dream for a long time. I just discovered today that the store is closed on Easter, so I have an unexpected day off (which I am really excited about). David and I are celebrating one amazing year together, this week (which I am ALSO really excited about). So really….what do I have to complain about???? Nothing. So….hormones or not, the complaining stops here. 🙂 There are many poor unfortunate souls in the world and I am NOT one of them. I need to just learn to relax and enjoy life as it unfolds….not stress about all the things I wish could be taken care of RIGHT NOW–like moving for example. That’s been a huge source of stress for me. It’s been so long since I’ve had a place of  my “own” and I just really can’t wait. I can’t wait to decorate and organize and cook (well, LEARN to cook) and get back into sewing (I inherited my Great Grandma’s REALLY NICE sewing machine). I’m so looking forward to all of that, that I just want it all NOW! I really am more impatient than I ever realized.

So anyway, I have NO reason to complain. I’m a very blessed girl. By complaining all the time, I’m basically saying that I’m not thankful for what I DO have.

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Sweet Baby Girl

Can I just say….shopping for babies is so much fun. My boyfriend has a new niece (his first) and let’s just say, I went a LITTLE bit overboard in the shopping department. I LOVE having an excuse to buy cute little baby stuff. I don’t have any nieces or nephews of my own, so I will happily buy for his. I bought some stuff a few months ago, because her baby shower was going to be in January. The baby shower got changed to the 28th (which was this past Sunday). Well, the baby shower didn’t end up happening because that’s the day she was born….kinda funny. After visiting at the hospital on Sunday, I decided she simply NEEDED more clothes, so I went out yesterday and bought her more. I really like Carter’s. It’s very affordable and they have some really adorable stuff. JC Penney and Kohl’s is where I got most of her stuff. Target has a line of Carter’s stuff, as well as a lot of other cute little outfits for really decent prices.

This little outfit is my favorite from yesterday’s shopping excursion. I got it at Penney’s.

I couldn’t find everything I got online, but here’s a couple other things, I purchased.

I got this one back in January at Kohl's.


This is from Target's line of Carter's stuff.


I loved these little bibs from Target.

I got her a bunch of really cute onesies (or bodysuits, whatever you want to call them) and another Carter’s outfit that I couldn’t find online. I ALSO got her a little stuffed Monkey from Babies R Us. So yes, I went overboard, but it was so much fun. That little Eva is going to be one spoiled little girl!

Proud Uncle David. 🙂

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My work hired another front desk person….this means that I will be working about 21 or 22 hours a week now. It also means that I will get Saturdays off sometimes (which I am VERY excited about). I can also actually spend quality time with my boyfriend. With him working normal office hours and me in retail, it’s been a little difficult to find time to spend together. Since I will be working part time, I’m going to be going to school full time, starting Summer quarter. I was going to start in the fall, but figured I might as well just get started….there’s no reason I can’t. The new girl will be training for the next two weeks, but after that….part time hours it is! (It will also be nice to get some last full time hours in….it’s a nice paycheck.)

Other than working, I haven’t really been up to much. David and I went out last night to celebrate one of his friend’s birthdays (it was her 21st). We went to downtown Snohomish and it was really fun. We don’t get out often (with me working on the weekends) so it’s always fun when we get a chance to do that.

The night before, after I worked, I met up with David and his friend Mike at a pool hall in Lynnwood. I also made a stop at Half Price Books, while they were playing, and picked up a few books. I got Barack Obama’s “The Audacity of Hope”, which I have wanted to read for awhile. Regardless of how you feel about the President or his views, I think it’s a good idea for people to educate themselves on their government and leaders. It’s been a really good book so far. I was living in Chicago when he got elected to the Senate, so I read a lot about him and have always kind of kept up with his story. I also picked up “Pour Your Heart Into It” by Howard Schultz (the CEO of Starbucks). It’s supposed to be really good. David worked there for awhile a couple years ago, so I thought he would like to read it too. Plus, we all know of my love for Starbucks! The third book I got was a book on quilting. Since I’m getting my Great Grandma’s sewing machine, I’m very excited to start sewing again. I loved sewing when I was younger and quilting is something I enjoyed doing. I plan on doing a lot of that. I also want to learn to sew some simple dresses….that’ll save me some money. I’ve been on sort of a dress kick lately, and they’re so expensive! I like simple ones, so I figure it shouldn’t be TOO hard to learn! We’ll see if that’s true, I guess!

I did hangout with my friend Cassie last Tuesday. She’s a stay at home mom, so she’s one of my few friends that don’t work during the week! She’s also one of my best friends….I was in her wedding a couple years ago. We did a little shopping at the mall and got some coffee. Her baby, Kaitlyn, is just the cutest! I get to go to lunch with Cassie and our other friend Rachel next week, so that will be fun!

We’ve pretty much figured out our moving plans and I’m very excited about it! I’m looking forward to decorating and organizing, and learning to cook (we’ll see about that one…). I will definitely be doing some baking though….THAT I’m good at!

Other than that, my life has been pretty routine lately. There’s some exciting things coming up though, so I’ll be sure to blog more often!

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Can I just say….I love spring. It is definitely here….a bit early, but I can’t complain about that! On my hike to the bus stop this morning, I was greeted with the beautiful blue sky. This was the view from the bus stop this morning:


 As you can see, It is GORGEOUS in Seattle today. I didn’t even have to wear a coat! My one complaint is that I’m working all day long. I have most of the day off tomorrow, so I was hoping the sun would stick around….and THEN my manager dashed all my hopes. He said it’s supposed to rain Sunday all through next week…hooray. Why does it always happen that way? Oh well, I will just have to take a little walk to Target here in a little bit, and enjoy the sun while I can. I’m thinking of picking up a new book-maybe Blindside or the new Jodi Picoult book….I haven’t decided which one yet.  

My amazing boyfriend visited me at work a little bit ago and brought me this little treat:

Grande Iced Nonfat, No whip, White Chocolate Mocha...he knows me!

 He was heading to play pool at his favorite pool hall and will be picking me up from work this evening….yet another reason why he is amazing. 🙂 I, of course, had to show him the couches I have my eyes on…. Now I just need to talk him into PURCHASING a couch….

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***I wrote this a couple days ago and just didn’t post it right away.***
I’ve had a weird week of adjustment. This has been David’s first week of work and it has been so hard for me! I’m actually surprised by my reaction. The whole time we have been dating (almost a year now), I have been used to having him around all day every day. Even when he had his own company, he worked from home. Now he works monday through friday. He leaves around 6 in the morning and gets home around 7. This wouldn’t be so bad, except for the fact that I work all the times he’s not. I don’t get off until 8 (6 on Sundays) and if I take the bus, I don’t get home until 10. He’ll be asleep when I get home tonight….that makes me really sad, and I feel lame for feeling that way. He’s off on the weekend….my days off are Tuesday and Wednesday. This is really the only job I’ve ever had where I’ve had to work weekends. I was okay with it before, but now I’m having a harder time with it. I know it’s temporary….my work is looking for another front desk person so I will be working part time….eventually. I’m enjoying the extra money, but I would rather be able to see my boyfriend for longer than a half an hour an evening.

I get overwhelmed when I think about it too much….I wonder when we’ll ever find time to go out or spend any time together. And then I just remind myself that it’s temporary. I definitely took it for granted before that he was around all the time! I miss eating dinner with him, watching movies in bed, and cuddling. I miss being able to give him a hug anytime I want. It definitely makes me appreciate the little things more. How do you make the most of the little things, when you really don’t have any time to spend at all?

I think once we move to Seattle it’ll be better too….his commute will take next to no time at all, and even my commute will reduce drastically. That will (hopefully!) give us more time to spend together. I’m having a hard time….and I feel pretty lame admitting that.

Knowing he’s almost home for the evening right now and that I won’t get off until 8, isn’t fun. I also have my half hour wait at the scary Everett station to look forward to after work. I would much rather be home with him. I feel like I don’t have anything to look forward to. Getting off work and enduring my crappy bus commute was different before….I knew he was home and I would get to spend time with him. It’s different knowing there will be no one to greet me (he’ll be asleep) and ask about my day. No goodnight kisses. It makes me sad. And I realize that’s lame….and petty.

Okay, I’m done whining. I am SO happy for David….and I’m SO glad that he found his dream job and that he’s happy. I’m sure next week will be easier for me. 🙂 Right now, I just miss him.

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David got the job!!!!! He found out yesterday, so that made it an excellent day. I really was pretty sure that he was going to be offered the job (and so was he), but it was so good to find out for sure! I am SO happy for him, and SO proud of him. He starts monday. It’s pretty much his dream job and I think he’s really going to enjoy working there. He already can tell that he’s going to get along great with the guys that work there and he really believes in the product they are making. He’s getting paid exactly what he asked for AND he gets to work in Seattle, which is what he wanted. Because of that, we’re probably going to be moving down there soon….which I am VERY excited about. His brother lives down there and we’re thinking we’re probably going to move into his building….it’s a great price, a great location, and it’s basically brand new. I’m thinking that will probably happen in a month or two. Believe it or not, my commute would actually be better coming from Seattle….the buses run more frequently and if I decide to drive, I would be going in the opposite direction of traffic. Now I just have to start saving up for a couch. 🙂 I already know exactly which one I want.

I had an excellent “weekend”. David’s interview was Tuesday morning, so when he got back we went to the library and hung out there for awhile, with our Starbucks. After that, he took me out to Fred’s in downtown Snohomish. It’s one of our favorite places to go and they have excellent hamburgers. Yesterday he found out that he got the job, so we went out to Mexican food to celebrate. We rented a few movies and then played pool with his friend Brandon….well, I watched them play pool. 🙂 We went home and watched “Law Abiding Citizen”, and I fell asleep. I really had a nice relaxing weekend with my guy. It was pretty much perfect.

Today he brought me down to Lynnwood, so I wouldn’t have to take the bus (he’s so sweet!). We had some sushi for lunch, I got some new shoes (yay!) and then he dropped me off he work. He’s off playing pool and will pick me up around eight, when I’m done working. I always LOVE it when I don’t have to ride the bus! Work is pretty slow, so I figured I would blog.

At this very moment it is sunny, cloudless, and relatively warm in the Seattle area. It’s more than a little strange for February….especially since it seems that the rest of the country is buried in snow! It seriously feels (and smells!) like spring. I’m not compalaining, it’s just a little weird!

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