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His Aunt and Uncle got him the Mater bubble blower. It’s supposed to be for ages three and up, but we just don’t put bubbles in it. He LOVES pushing it around (it’s the perfect height for him) and it is just such a cute toy. I’m sure we’ll put bubbles in it for him when he’s older. 🙂


He loves his Leap Frog “My Pal Scout” and has since he was about 6 months old. It is the cutest toy ever and we have gotten so much use out of it. It connects to your computer with a USB cable and you can download your child’s name and all his favorite things. There is also a girl version, named Violet. This is the toy I recommend the most to my friends.


He also loves the Leap Frog Cell Phone, as he is very into talking on the phone. 🙂


Going along with the Leap Frog theme, he also loves his Scout Laptop. What can I say, I LOVE Leap Frog products. We have a couple of the dvds, but he’s still not very interested in sitting down and watching movies (which I’m completely fine with!).


He loves the Fisher Price “Little People” toys lately. I remember having Little People toys when I was little too, and I loved them. We got him the Farm for his birthday and it is so cute. It comes with a bunch of animals and even makes sounds.


My aunt and uncle got him the Little People Plane set (also very cute).


He also loves the Little People that you can buy separately (they come two to a package, for I believe around 5 dollars). He specifically loves the Batman and Joker and Superman and the Green Lantern. I know he’ll get even more use out of these toys as he gets older.


One of my favorite toy brands is b. toys (sold mainly at Target). RJ has a lot of their toys and loves all of them. My dad got him the bath toy set for his birthday, and he absolutely loves it (both in and out of the tub). It comes with all kinds of fun pieces and is so well made. I like their products because they are made of safe non-toxic plastic and paint (which is important since he chews on everything!).


We also got him the little remote controlled car for his other birthday gift and he loves that too. It’s made for ages one and up, so it’s super easy to use. The remote only has one button, so he already knows how to make it go. The car has lights that flash and gears that you can see turning inside when the car is moving. His daddy loves it too. 🙂


RJ has loved his b. keys since he was about 6 months old. We still get a lot of use out of these. The keys are made out of stainless steel (perfectly safe for chewing on) and therefore they look more realistic compared to other toy keys. They even make the clinking sound that real keys make. We all know that babies love “real” things, so these are great.


In addition, he likes pretty much all cars, balls, and books. 🙂 He still chews on books, but he’s getting better about actually turning the pages and looking at them, and letting me read to him. I’m so glad he likes books! 🙂



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