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A Pictoral Tour

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1. Pretend it’s Monday morning–take us through a day in the life of you.
Well, it varies. Usually I wake up when my boyfriend does. I get his lunch together and then after he leaves I get up and start looking for jobs. I get ready and do various housework. Later in the day, I tend to run errands, get stuff together for dinner, and maybe go to Starbucks. Some mornings I babysit David’s little neice, Eva so I head over there instead.

2. What’s your favorite reality tv show?
I always seem to be addicted the “Real Housewives” shows (yes, I just admitted that). I also love Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (although that isn’t on right now).

3. What motto do you live by?
I don’t live by any mottos.

4. If you knew could you try anything and not fail, what dream would you attempt?
I would write a book.

5. What was your first job?
I worked at the Bon (now Macy’s), my senior year of high school. I wasn’t yet 18, so I couldn’t work on the registers. That meant I cleaned out dressing rooms and straightened the sales floor.

6. What is your current job?

I don’t really have one….unless you count babysitter. 🙂

7. What would you call yourself if you could choose your own name (and you cannot pick the one you already have)?

I don’t like this question….I like my name a lot. I can’t picture myself as anything else….

8. What musical instruments can you play?
I took piano lessons growing up and also played the Clarinet for a couple years.

9. Is it easier to forgive or forget?
Forgive. It’s the forgetting part that is hard.

10. What is one food you’d never want to taste again?

I honestly can’t really think of anything off the top of my head….I’m sure there’s something but I can’t think of anything.

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Favorite Pic Friday

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I just found this totally fun posterous app! I’ve been telling David forever that I wish I could blog from my phone and…..I’m doing it right now. I love it! you never know when inspiration is going to strike! Give Posterous a try. I really love it. On a totally different note, I just watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I cried! This particular episode was so touching. A lot of them are, but I really loved this family. The dad was blinded in a shooting and he was so positive and just the nicest guy. I think if I could have ANY job in the world, I would want to work on that show. I mean, what could be better than making people’s dreams come true?!

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I thought it would be fun to share some things that I am loving lately. I guess I’m in a list making mood today. 🙂

1. Google reader has totally changed my life. I have no idea why it took me so long to discover this, but now that I have I can never go back. I read a lot of blogs….a LOT. They are all bookmarked on my computer and I would have to go to every one individually to see if they had any new posts. Of course I didn’t check every single one every day (because that would take forever) but it was still quite time consuming. NOW I get notified if one of the blogs I like posts something new. AND I use gmail, so it’s tied to my gmail account, which makes it even easier. I also found an app for it (for free!) on my phone. It’s a whole new world, let me tell ya.

2. Nonfiction books have become my new addiction. Normally I like a good novel as much as anyone else, but lately I can’t get enough nonfiction, whether it’s history, biographies, or even business related. Apparently I have turned into a giant nerd. Recent reads include: In The Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick (seriously one of my all time favorites now), A Night to Remember by Walter Lord (about the Titanic), The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More by Chris Anderson (weird title but excellent book that talks about the latest business trends in our economy), The Last Stand by Nathaniel Philbrick (about Custer’s last stand), Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and many more. I really am out of control.

3. My really smart boyfriend has written some amazing blog posts lately. His blog is here: Always Move Fast. If you are into computers, technology, or programming you’ll definitely find it interesting. He’s so smart. I love it. 🙂

4. Walgreen’s digital photo services. I needed to print out a 5 x 7 picture for my mom’s birthday gift (mentioned in a previous post), so I sent it to Walgreen’s to have it printed. It was done in about half an hour AND I got 25 free prints for being a new customer. I couldn’t turn THAT deal down, so I printed out a bunch of pictures for a future project I’m planning. I normally would have used Target, but there aren’t any downtown. I had a great experience and would highly recommend it! They also send an email when the pictures are ready to be picked up. I like that feature.

5. Hansen’s Natural Soda. I LOVE their Diet Root Beer. I feel less guilty drinking “natural” soda, than I do regular soda. I’m sure it’s still not great for me, but I love it anyway.

That’s it for now! I’m off to enjoy the beautiful Seattle sunshine! (It’s supposed to be close to 90 degrees this weekend….I love it!)

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

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