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One Bus Away

I mentioned in a previous post that I am now using David’s G1 (an Android phone) and I absolutely love it. It is so nice to be able to email, Facebook, and perform a variety of other tasks from my phone. There are so many useful apps out there! I thought I would share my current favorite app (it’s FREE by the way).

We don’t have a vehicle down here in the city, so we depend a lot on buses (and cabs sometimes). There are SO many bus routes and they always seem to be running a little late. Needless to say, it can get really confusing. I went onto the Android market and lo and behold there is an app for buses! It’s called “One Bus Away”. Basically you put in the bus routes you use, you select the stop you’re at, and presto! It tells you how far away the bus is, in minutes. I tested it yesterday and it was extremely accurate. I then used it to tell David when his bus was coming, and it was accurate that time too. It tells you how many minutes late the bus is running or if it’s on time and then gives you how many minutes away it is. It is AWESOME! It prevents you from having to wait forever at a bus stop….you can grab coffee or do something else while you’re waiting, if you know the bus is going to be awhile. I hate nothing more than standing somewhere doing nothing, so this is good for me. 🙂

When I googled it, I discovered that it was started by students at the University of Washington! Pretty cool. I like to support local endeavors. 🙂 It’s available for the iPhone as well.

I’m sure I will find other apps I can’t live without. 🙂 I’ll make sure I share.

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10 On Thursday!

I didn’t get around to posting this on Tuesday, but I figured Thursday starts with a “t” too, so it works! 🙂 I liked these questions so I wanted to make sure to participate. If you want to join in the fun next week, go here.

1. How do you take your coffee on an average day? How do you like your coffee if you’re spluging?
I don’t care for “real” coffee (meaning plain drip coffee). My usual drink (for years now….) has been a nonfat no whip white chocolate mocha. Since it’s summer, I’ve been getting it iced. Sometimes I love the Caramel Frapacino Light….it seriously tastes just like the regular version for WAAAAY less calories. I love my Starbucks.

2. What is your genre of books to read?
HIstorical nonfiction or political books…lately anyway. I also love biographies. I like fiction too, but I have to be in the right mood for it and I haven’t been lately.

3. Where do you want to retire, if you could go anywhere?

4. The 17-year-old you is told to write a 10-minute speech. What topic would you have picked?
That’s a tough one….probably writing…..I was pretty into writing as a teenager.

5. What word describes you best?


6. What is the next “event” that you are looking forward to? (ex.: vacation, moving, date, job change, etc)
That’s a tough one….I can’t really think of anything big coming up….that’s kind of sad!

7. Do you like to discuss controversial topics or do you prefer to avoid those types of conversations?
It depends on who the conversation is with. Some people can handle having people disagree with them and some people just get nasty when anyone has different opinions. David is my favorite person to have these sorts of conversations with….he challenges me to think about things differently.

8. Would you rather add 4 free hours to each day, or add 1 extra day to the week?
4 free hours to each day.

9. If you created a sports team; what would your colors and mascot be?
Turqoise and brown. We would be the Monkeys. 🙂 I’m totally kidding….I have no idea what the mascot would be, but it would definitely be a baseball team.

10. If you had to be a teacher, what subject would you teach?

English or History….definitely. That would actually be really fun.

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I was reading a blog the other day and I found a post I SO relate to. It was about friendships and the changes they go through. I feel like I often have friends who take more than they give. What does that mean? Well, they’re just a lot of work: they’re easily offended, they demand a lot of time, and they don’t make any effort in return. Basically, they want people to be there for THEM all the time, but they aren’t there when their friend needs them. It gets frustrating after awhile. Eventually I just get to the point where I can’t put the effort in anymore.

I feel like I am destined to always have friends who are around for awhile and then go their separate ways. Granted, I have a few friends that I have known FOREVER. It seems that those are the friends I know I can always count on. I may go months or years without seeing them, but for some reason they’re the dependable ones.

Sometimes I wish I had more friends (in the city especially) to hang out with. David has really awesome friends…..most of which he has known for years. I think it’s kind of sad that I see his friends more than I see my own! In some ways I feel like I don’t really fit in with my friends anymore. I’m pretty much the only one he isn’t married and who doesn’t have kids. I also know a lot of my friends from churches I have gone to, and now that I don’t go anymore I feel like maybe we don’t really have anything in common. I guess I just get tired of being the one who makes effort….eventually I just have to stop.

I can think of one specific instance where a friend of mine was giving me a hard time for not making it to an event that she had. We’re talking Facebook messages AND voicemails (gotta love technology….people have so many different ways to bug you!). I remember yelling: “Just leave me alone!” when I saw that I had a voicemail, after checking Facebook. Little did that person know, that I was going through hell. I was having a hard time and the last things on my mind were social engagements. I was barely making it through the day. A true friend would not automatically assume the worst. A true friend would be concerned. And then I just got sad….because I didn’t have any friends that I felt comfortable to share what I was going through with in the first place. People just need to realize that they’re not the center of the universe….sometimes they just don’t know what another person might be going through. Or maybe they just don’t care.

I know I’m not the only person who feels this way and it was nice to find a blog post I so related to and that got me thinking. Go here if you would like to read it.

**Disclaimer–I am not implying that I don’t have any friends OR that they are all horrible people. I have some wonderful friends (most of whom I’ve known for years). I just thought I should clarify that! 🙂


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David + Erika

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