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***I wrote this a couple days ago and just didn’t post it right away.***
I’ve had a weird week of adjustment. This has been David’s first week of work and it has been so hard for me! I’m actually surprised by my reaction. The whole time we have been dating (almost a year now), I have been used to having him around all day every day. Even when he had his own company, he worked from home. Now he works monday through friday. He leaves around 6 in the morning and gets home around 7. This wouldn’t be so bad, except for the fact that I work all the times he’s not. I don’t get off until 8 (6 on Sundays) and if I take the bus, I don’t get home until 10. He’ll be asleep when I get home tonight….that makes me really sad, and I feel lame for feeling that way. He’s off on the weekend….my days off are Tuesday and Wednesday. This is really the only job I’ve ever had where I’ve had to work weekends. I was okay with it before, but now I’m having a harder time with it. I know it’s temporary….my work is looking for another front desk person so I will be working part time….eventually. I’m enjoying the extra money, but I would rather be able to see my boyfriend for longer than a half an hour an evening.

I get overwhelmed when I think about it too much….I wonder when we’ll ever find time to go out or spend any time together. And then I just remind myself that it’s temporary. I definitely took it for granted before that he was around all the time! I miss eating dinner with him, watching movies in bed, and cuddling. I miss being able to give him a hug anytime I want. It definitely makes me appreciate the little things more. How do you make the most of the little things, when you really don’t have any time to spend at all?

I think once we move to Seattle it’ll be better too….his commute will take next to no time at all, and even my commute will reduce drastically. That will (hopefully!) give us more time to spend together. I’m having a hard time….and I feel pretty lame admitting that.

Knowing he’s almost home for the evening right now and that I won’t get off until 8, isn’t fun. I also have my half hour wait at the scary Everett station to look forward to after work. I would much rather be home with him. I feel like I don’t have anything to look forward to. Getting off work and enduring my crappy bus commute was different before….I knew he was home and I would get to spend time with him. It’s different knowing there will be no one to greet me (he’ll be asleep) and ask about my day. No goodnight kisses. It makes me sad. And I realize that’s lame….and petty.

Okay, I’m done whining. I am SO happy for David….and I’m SO glad that he found his dream job and that he’s happy. I’m sure next week will be easier for me. 🙂 Right now, I just miss him.

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An “Interesting” 10 On Tuesday

1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Well, I prefer frozen yogurt. Pomegranate from Red Mango is really yummy!

2. What is your earliest memory?

I’m not sure….I don’t know how much I actually remember and how much I’ve just been told about. I do remember knocking my little sister over in her playpen, when I was three. What can I say? I was jealous that she came along and took all my attention.

3. What is your earliest memory of a dessert?

Uh….I have no idea.

4. Do you have any recurring dreams?

I have one where it’s dark out and I’m driving….from out of nowhere someone runs out in front of the car and I hit them. I wake up with the impact. It’s awful.

5. Have you ever dreamed about dessert?

I don’t think so.

6. What is one thing (aside from a cell phone or computer) that you cannot go the entire day without?

Coffee….I’m ashamed to admit….but this IS Seattle after all.

7. What is one dessert you could go your entire life without ever having again?

Wow! What is with all the random dessert questions?! I don’t really like fruit pies….I know, I am weird and un-american.

8. If you could go on vacation tomorrow, where would you go? (Assume someone else is footing the bill, but within reason…so “the moon” won’t work)

Hawaii (I’ve never been) or New York City (I also have never been there). Oh, or Norway.

9. If you could have any dessert tomorrow, what would you have (assume someone else is buying it for you. Within reason though, no “gold sprinkled ice cream cones.”)

I would have frozen yogurt.

10.  What was your first impression of your significant other?

I remember thinking he was cute in high school. 🙂 When we hung out for the first time last April, I noticed his dimples. 🙂 Well, and how smart he is.

11. What is your first impression of dessert pizza? (Personally, I think it’s weird. I love dessert but I don’t want any on my pizza.)

Seriously? I can’t say I really recall my first impression of dessert pizza….I like it alright. It isn’t my favorite though.

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Buried Alive

“Buried Alive” by Roy Hallums was my latest selection from Booksneeze (the Thomas Nelson book review bloggers program). I chose this book, because it sounded like an interesting read. It’s written by a man who was kidnapped and held hostage in Iraq for about a year. The book tells his story, from his point of view. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the book, and I have mixed feelings about it now that I’m finished with it. It’s, obviously, a compelling story….most of us can’t imagine going through something so horrible! At the same time, I found myself somewhat annoyed by the way the book was written. It had a tendency to jump from topic to topic and was somewhat fragmented. It didn’t flow very well, and was often repetitive. I found myself transfixed by the story in the beginning, yet by the end I just couldn’t wait to finish.

I didn’t see really emphasis on Roy’s faith. I was kind of expecting a story about how God got him through his ordeal (since Thomas Nelson is a religious publisher), but that aspect really wasn’t mentioned. It didn’t bother ME, but it might bother some people if that’s what they were hoping to find. It’s basically just a detailed account of what happened to him, and really didn’t go very deep emotionally.

For those interested in politics or current affairs, it would probably be a good read. We don’t hear a lot about this aspect of the war, so it was interesting to get a little insight. Just don’t expect to be blown away….the writing is relatively unimpressive.

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David got the job!!!!! He found out yesterday, so that made it an excellent day. I really was pretty sure that he was going to be offered the job (and so was he), but it was so good to find out for sure! I am SO happy for him, and SO proud of him. He starts monday. It’s pretty much his dream job and I think he’s really going to enjoy working there. He already can tell that he’s going to get along great with the guys that work there and he really believes in the product they are making. He’s getting paid exactly what he asked for AND he gets to work in Seattle, which is what he wanted. Because of that, we’re probably going to be moving down there soon….which I am VERY excited about. His brother lives down there and we’re thinking we’re probably going to move into his building….it’s a great price, a great location, and it’s basically brand new. I’m thinking that will probably happen in a month or two. Believe it or not, my commute would actually be better coming from Seattle….the buses run more frequently and if I decide to drive, I would be going in the opposite direction of traffic. Now I just have to start saving up for a couch. 🙂 I already know exactly which one I want.

I had an excellent “weekend”. David’s interview was Tuesday morning, so when he got back we went to the library and hung out there for awhile, with our Starbucks. After that, he took me out to Fred’s in downtown Snohomish. It’s one of our favorite places to go and they have excellent hamburgers. Yesterday he found out that he got the job, so we went out to Mexican food to celebrate. We rented a few movies and then played pool with his friend Brandon….well, I watched them play pool. 🙂 We went home and watched “Law Abiding Citizen”, and I fell asleep. I really had a nice relaxing weekend with my guy. It was pretty much perfect.

Today he brought me down to Lynnwood, so I wouldn’t have to take the bus (he’s so sweet!). We had some sushi for lunch, I got some new shoes (yay!) and then he dropped me off he work. He’s off playing pool and will pick me up around eight, when I’m done working. I always LOVE it when I don’t have to ride the bus! Work is pretty slow, so I figured I would blog.

At this very moment it is sunny, cloudless, and relatively warm in the Seattle area. It’s more than a little strange for February….especially since it seems that the rest of the country is buried in snow! It seriously feels (and smells!) like spring. I’m not compalaining, it’s just a little weird!

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Fingers Crossed!

David is at an interview in Seattle right now and I am DYING of curiousity! It started at 11:00, but was supposed to take a couple hours I think. I guess interviews for software developers can be quite lengthy and involved. I think his chances are really good, but I’m still nervous! He had a telephone interview yesterday and was supposed to hear back from them about whether or not they wanted to interview him in person on Wednesday. Well, they called him back yesterday afternoon and asked him to meet with them today….I take that as a very good sign. They also kept mentioning how perfect of a match his skill set seemed to be.

I don’t want to text him in case he’s still in his interview (his phone is always on silent….but still….) but I haven’t heard anything. I don’t know if that’s good or bad….I can’t decide. If he does get the job, I’m not sure that he would TEXT me and tell me….I think he would tell me in person. At the same time, I don’t know that he would text me if he doesn’t get the job either….because he’s going to be bummed and probably won’t want to talk about it. Oh well, I guess I’ll find out soon what the outcome is! All I know is, no one deserves this more than David! He’s extremely talented and smart as can be. He’s VERY good at what he does. If you are interested in computer programming (writing software, etc.) the link to his blog is on my sidebar: “Always Move Fast” under “People I Know.” I have to admit, I don’t understand a lot of it….but I try!

Okay, I just had to get that out! I will now go back to anxiously awaiting word. 🙂

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Yep! It’s that time again….time for “Ten on Tuesday”. Go here if you would like to participate. I will write a real post later on today, but for now It is almost 2:00 in the morning and I am going to sleep!

1. If you could open any type of store/place of business (money is no obstacle), what would you open?

Hmmm….I think I would open a bookstore.

2. If all jobs paid equally, what occupation would you want? Why?

Rate of pay isn’t really something I consider….I just want to have a career that I enjoy. I feel like that’s more important. I want to be a paralegal.

3. If you could be any animal in the world, what would you pick? Why?

Honestly? I have no idea. I’m not a HUGE animal person, so I really don’t think I would like to be any animal.

4. If offered one “service” free of charge, which would you choose? (chauffeur, maid, personal shopper, chef, etc.)

I really don’t know. I think I would feel lazy if I hired someone to do things I am perfectly capable of doing myself.

5. What is one habit, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to break?

Leaving the house without eating breakfast. I’m always in too much of a hurry.

6. What is one thing that no matter how many you own, you still love to buy all the time?

Well, books, obviously. I also like buying purses (though I don’t do that all the time) and clothes….as long as they’re on sale of course.

7. Out of all the game shows (past and present), which would you want to be a participant on and play?

I really am not a fan of game shows. I did used to watch “Supermarket Sweep” and thought it would be fun-ha ha! Game shows bore me though.

8. If you could play the lead role in any movie that’s already been made, which movie would you pick?

That’s tough….probably Anne, in Anne of Green Gables OR one of the characters in Little Women.

9. Name 5 things on your bucket list (things you want to do before you die).

-Go to Europe (especially Norway)

-Write a book

-Get married and have a family

-Learn how to cook (really well!)

-Live by the water

10.  Which one of your birthdays was the best? What did you do that day?

Hmmm….that’s a tough one. I enjoyed this year….not because it was necessarily super exciting but because it was low-key and just how I like birthdays to be.

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Tears on the Bus

I’ve never been much of a crier….so when I find myself holding back tears all day, it’s definitely not a good day. I don’t know if I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed today or what, but it was not my favorite day. I didn’t have time to eat before leaving for work, nor did I have time to grab anything….and I was really hungry. That, of course, led to me getting motion sick on the bus….that alone is a bad start to the day. Then it started pouring down rain, my shoes hurt my feet all day, my eye was killing me (I didn’t have anything to take my contact out with….), and I was hungry all day. I couldn’t wait to get off work….of course I had my lovely commute hanging over my head. To give you a bit of an idea….I got off work at 8:00 and didn’t get home until 10:00. Not fun….especially when you’re already feeling yucky and tired. I was on the verge of tears the whole bus ride home. I don’t really know why I was about to cry, but I think it was a mixture of not feeling well and feeling a little overwhelmed and discouraged. I SO miss being able to just hop in my car and drive anywhere I want whenever I want. I always get really embarrassed when I have to admit to people that I ride the bus….I’m not sure why. So I always act like it’s no big deal and not that bad….when really I dread it like you wouldn’t believe. Oh well, it could be worse I guess.

I am in desperate need of some new shoes and I think I found a couple pairs that I really would like to have. They are both from Payless and, as luck would have it, they are having their “Buy One Get One Half Off” sale right now. I also discovered I can order them online and have them shipped to a store….AND there just so happens to be one literally right next to my work. $31 for two pairs of shoes seems like a pretty good deal, but we’ll see.

I get tired of wearing plain black shoes all the time....I thought these would be fun.

These are a lot like the wedges I wear right now, but they're not as tall as my current ones....and they're cuter.

Well, that’s it for me today. I’m going to go to bed and watch “Dennis the Menace” now. Yes, I am a nerd and bought it for $5 at Walmart the other night. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid (we had it on VHS), so I just couldn’t pass it up.

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